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NEW ERA Partners
17 September, 2009

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NEW ERA Partners
London & Lagos


NEW ERA sponsors 3rd annual Nigerian CSR awards

NEW ERA Partners is proud to sponsor the Social Enterprise Reports and Awards (SERA) in association with True Contact Communications Nigeria. The 2009 SERA Awards Ceremony takes place at the Muson Centre, Lagos on the 17th of September. Past years’ winners include Bank PHB, Guinness Nigeria, Cadbury Nigeria and MTN, among other leading Nigerian companies.

ntries so far received for SERA 2009 cover projects in 29 states of the federation. As a prelude to the awards, an independent verification of the claims has been commissioned and reports are expected later this month, the organizers say. For the third year running, SERA is being run in collaboration with the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). TV Continental has also joined the fray.

Mr. Kenneth Egbas, the managing partner of TruContact and a member of the SERA Organising Committee, states the importance and approach of the awards: “For us, SERA is a way of life and  we hold very dear any information that will help us to achieve our objectives of recognising and celebrating practices that contribute to sustenance of livelihoods, our environments and improve the well-being of the peoples of Nigeria.

Development of our communities is also critical  to guarantee that people live  decent and dignified lives and there is respect for human rights. We believe that this can be achieved when all stakeholders are aware of the issues and are willing to work together to solve the problems. SERA promotes private-public sector engagements that favour people and communities.”


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Sep 17th 2009
NEW ERA sponsor 3rd annual Nigerian CSR

Sep 7th, 2009
NEW ERA assists major Nigerian state with
Energy Master Plan

Aug 12th, 2009
NEW ERA appointed to undertake major African
city Waste Management Master Plan

Aug 4th 2009
NEW ERA developing in conjunction with
Nigerian partners a master plan to alleviate rural
poverty through improved water access via wind
powered pumps

March 5th, 2009
NEW ERA Consulting Nigeria incorporated and
office is established in Lago

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